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   MSR Whitepaper

We have just posted a well written publication dealing with most aspects related to acceleration measurement as it pertains to the MSR Series of Acceleration data loggers.

Well worth taking the time to read this.


Celebrating 43 Years

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PicoLog Cloud
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PicoLog CLoud available Now!
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As before, our loggers and oscilloscopes are PC connected, whether it’s with a Windows PC, macOS, Linux or even the small form factor Raspberry Pi, but now the real game changer introduced to PicoLog 6.2 Cloud is that our loggers and oscilloscopes can stream live captures to a secure and reliable cloud service hosted by a well-known global cloud service provider. 

Picolog Cloud on Smartphone

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N/A   Kvaser CANBus      
kvaser u100, kvaser EAN: 73-30130-01173-1, kvaser 01173-1, u100 from kvaser,
Intro to Kvaser
Kvaser Company Information
N/AHybrid - CAN_LIN (NEW)
Leaf Series - USB

kvaser, leaf, series, CAN, modules, kvaser leaf series CAN modules, kvaser leaf light, leaf light hs v2, leaf light

Memorator Dataloggers
Kvaser, Memorator, light, pro
PCI Express

pcie can hs, pcie can hshs, pciecan 4xhs

N/ANEW! DIN Rail System

eagle, usb, data logger, memorator


kvaser, usb, can, datalogger

PC104 Plus
PC104+ Landing Page
N/APCI canx
PCICanx Landing Page
Mini PCI Express

mini, pci, express, hs, can

landing page for kvaser ethercan light hs and ethercan hs
N/ANEW! Air Bridge Light
Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS

blackbird, semipro, hshs, 

Cable Accessories

cable, accessories, dsub, termination, adapter, linx j1587, can bus, lin interface, obdii, extension cable, dsub9, q cable, lszh, cannector, 


pci104, hshs, idc

   Warwick Control      
can bus, lin bus, x-analyser software, software to analyse CAN and LIN bus porotocols, x analyser 3,
X-Analyser 3
x analyser 3, warwick control xanalyser, x anlyzer 3, x analyser3, warwick control technologies
N/AIn-Vehicle Networking
CANBus, in-vehicle Networking Newsletter, Flexconfig RBS, FLexconfig Analyser, Flexconfig analyzer,



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Address: 1480 Gulf Road, Suite 837,
PO Box 1280
Point Roberts, WA 98281

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Address: 3075 14th Ave, Unit 219,
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